Bird Control

Both pigeons and gulls pose serious health risks, due to diseases (micro organisms) carried in their droppings - including salmonella, as well as the unsightly mess their droppings cause.

Gulls can also become aggressive whilst breeding and rearing young, and they will frequently dive down towards people in order to protect their young.

The aim of using Birds of Prey is to dissuade the pest species from returning to the area, not to hunt them.
We use two types of Bird of Prey:


The Harris Hawk

The Harris Hawk is a mid sized friendly Hawk and has proved to be the most effective deterrent for the prevention of pigeons. They are quick to fly to buildings and pigeon roosting areas and are recognised as a predator by the pigeons, due to their silhouette of rounded wings and a long tail.
Falconry Pest Control London


We use a range of Falcons, both large and small, from the Peregrine Falcon to the Saker Falcon, as a Gull deterrent and prevention.
As soon as they spot the Falcon, with his distinctive shape when airborne, the gulls take to air and rise to greater heights than the Falcon, in order to evade their natural predator. Repeated flights in the area of the colony soon persuades the gulls to seek a more restful location, and they begin to leave the area.

Once the Hawk or Falcon has cleared the area of birds the falconer then can clear the area of any nesting material. This is then disposed of, off site.

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